With its unique, patent-pending formula of both green & yellow bananas, Banana Vital provides complex carbohydrates as a quick energy source, while being rich in potassium to aid in the prevention of muscle cramps before, during and post-workout.


Whether you're a camper, hiker, hunter, or simply an outdoor enthusiast on-the-go, our pocket-sized bar is perfect for any occasion, climate or weather condition. Never before has it been so easy to throw a banana in your bag, with zero fear of it over ripening or bruising, before you have a chance to eat it. And because it's perfectly sealed, there's no fear of luring any of those unwanted pests or critters fresh fruit is known to attract. Enjoy your delicious snack in peace!


With its convenient, shelf-stable form, Banana Vital is the perfect bar for soldiers with limited access to fresh fruit in need of quick access to electrolytes, without the added salt and sugar that's infamous for negatively impacting energy levels. Our soldiers need to stay focused on their mission ... not the sub-par ingredients in their nutrition bars.