Health & Wellness

In today’s fast-paced world, eating healthy isn’t always convenient. Even when we do our best to buy fresh produce, the short shelf-life often creates unfortunate waste, which most can’t afford. And high-quality nutrition bars made of pure banana, are virtually impossible to find. Banana Vital provides all the nutritional benefits of both a ripe yellow banana, and an unripe green banana.

Both kinds of bananas have their own perks— like did you know green bananas can help you absorb nutrients better? To this end, Banana Vital put each banana’s best qualities in a pocket-sized, ready-to-eat package—ensuring each bite is always ripe, never bruised and always tastes great.


With the countless number of processed snacks on the market today, parents often struggle to find healthy options their children will eat when they're not around to supervise. With Banana Vital's Limited-Ingredient Fruit Bar, it's easy to take comfort in knowing you're providing a high-quality, healthy snack that's Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and has No Added Sugar or Artificial Flavors. Plus, it's like a gummy fruit snack, so your kids are sure to eat it ... instead of trading it for potato chips or candy. Win, win!


It's not always easy finding genuinely healthy snacks, especially for those with health issues or restricted diets. But Banana Vital offers consumers the closest product on the market to a fresh banana, without the added health concerns from common food allergens, gluten and harsh preservatives. Plus, you can set your guilt aside knowing it's fat-free with only 90 calories. What could be better than that?