Frequently Asked Questions


Because it’s BETTER THAN BANANA with its added nutrition from combing both yellow AND green bananas into one bar! Banana Vital is a Convenient Fuel Source providing Quick Energy and Delicious Taste, while being naturally free of common allergens and inflammatory agents.

Why is BANANA VITAL® brown?

Like potatoes and avocados, bananas naturally turn brown when exposed to air by a process called “oxidation”. No, it’s not covered in chocolate.  ????

How is BANANA VITAL® different from other bars?

Because it’s the closest bar on the market to a fresh banana, with only 3 simple ingredients: Yellow Banana, Green Banana & Citric Acid

Does BANANA VITAL® contain common food allergens such as gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, etc.?

No, it’s naturally free of common allergens and inflammatory agents.

Where is BANANA VITAL® made?

Our product is made in Brazil.

Does BANANA VITAL® contain preservatives?

Banana Vital doesn’t believe in using harsh chemical preservatives found in traditional processed foods. Instead, we’re able to create a shelf-stable bar by using less than 1% citric acid, which is a natural preservative used in most organic products.

Does BANANA VITAL® plan to have additional flavors or products?

Absolutely! Early next year we’ll have 2 additional flavors available…and we plan to start expanding our product offerings by mid to late 2022.

What's the shelf-life of BANANA VITAL®?

BANANA VITAL® is guaranteed to stay fresh for 2-years.