Banana Vital Founder, Gracienne Myers, loves sharing the story of how her product came to fruition–and the unique way she’s always been linked to the world’s most popular fruit.

At the tender age of 7, Gracienne’s deep-rooted connection with nature began through her favorite outdoor activity, banana trunk rafting. She spent so many hours floating down river with friends that she can still remember the sticky feeling of her legs being covered in the tree’s dark sap.

Decades later, she might have stopped playing with tree trunks, but it would seem bananas have once again found a way back into Gracienne’s life. In October 2016, a friend of her husband’s sent them a picture of a banana bar that came from Brazil. Knowing she was Brazilian born, he was hopeful she might be able to help him find it here in the states.

Gracienne’s always been driven by an innate desire to help people, so she immediately started searching online for the bar she remembered from her country. She even called a few Brazilian markets to aid in the search, but the only bars they turned up, were loaded with added sugar.

With no satisfactory options available, Gracienne decided there was only one possible solution:  to develop the bar on her own. She spent the next 4 days making various batches, as her seven-year-old daughter and friends gave valuable feedback; mainly that it was just too sweet. That’s when it occurred to her that adding green bananas to the recipe, just might cut down on the sweetness.

Gracienne researched all the health benefits of green bananas and discovered amazing scientific studies showing things like added vitamins and minerals, as well as  prebiotics (Inulin fiber and resistant starch). From previous research, she was already quite familiar with the importance of gut health. So the idea of creating a product that could be the closest thing on the market to a fresh banana, with the added benefit of improving digestion, was so much more than she had dreamed of creating. But that’s when she knew beyond a doubt, Banana Vital was born.

Shortly after developing her new bar, Gracienne traveled to Brazil in search of potential manufacturers to produce her new creation. And during that trip, she learned something truly fascinating: the town she was born in, Palmopolis, has the nickname “bananeira”, which means banana farm. In that moment, Gracienne had an epiphany: with her connection to banana trees as a child—and her new connection through her recent invention—she realized bananas had always been destined to be part of her life.


To offer consumers a limited-ingredient, shelf-stable and delicious alternative to a fresh banana, while using only the finest ingredients and superior manufacturing practices available.


To become a global leader in the banana-based nutrition market by continually researching ways to expand our product line,  ensuring long-term company growth,  career opportunities and nutritional education to our customers.


Banana Vital® is manufactured in Brazil at an HACCP certified facility with one of the largest banana plantations in the country, which encompasses nearly 5,000 acres with more than a million banana trees.

Banana Vital® believes in using only the finest ingredients and superior manufacturing practices available—so consumers like you—can have piece of mind with each and every bite.